About RPM Run Club

What is an RPM Run Club?

An RPM Run Club is a worldwide network of run classes available locally for runners of all levels. RPM Run Club training philosophy combines the scientific foundation of the Pose Method® with the elite strength training of CrossFit®.

How is RPM Run Club different from other running clubs?

RPM Run Club was created to provide runners of all levels with an opportunity to improve their running. The club helps runners renew their love for running while achieving measurable progress, preventing injuries and getting faster. With regular weekly classes (members or drop-ins), professional training in an easy to follow format and individual guidance, RPM Run Club is everything any runner needs to improve.

RPM Run Club members do group training under the supervision and instruction of Pose Method® Certified Running Technique Specialists. Technique drills, strength exercises, flexibility routines and more - are all part of regular club meet. 

What's your next race goal? RPM Run Club is your answer.

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